Trend report

New products from the white goods segment
Electrical appliances are intended to make everyday routine as easy as possible and be fast, convenient helpers in the kitchen. Ease of use, increasingly time efficient, short run electrical appliances, multifunctional electrical appliances, like dryers that not only dry laundry in the classic way but now also freshen it up by injecting steam and fragrances - these are the big issues at trade fairs. Also on the agenda: optimum storage for fresh food.

Interconnected electrical appliances are no longer being presented as prototypes - in the meantime, there are ovens, automatic coffee makers, dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines that can be controlled by tablet or smartphone and are even connected up with each other.

This is where you can discover more about the latest trends in the kitchen and electrical appliances.

Open living room with technology hidden away
A new homeliness is moving into rooms that tend to serve more of a practical purpose, like the kitchen. Long gone are the days when it was used only as a room for cooking in. The "open space" trend is breaking up living areas, to merge kitchen and living room. For a whole new lifestyle in open living space.
Open living spaces explain the ongoing trend towards "hidden technology".  The kitchen is integrated into the living room and only makes an entrance when it's needed. If you want, large sliding doors can make entire kitchen blocks disappear. Electrical appliances also remain hidden from view behind handleless fronts or sliding doors. Ovens, dishwashers as well as wine coolers with electromechanical Push to open are being presented at shows.
With living space being open plan, electrical appliances are decentralised and either hidden away or even accentuated in a place of prominence. Electrical appliance manufacturers are developing appliances that are getting quieter and quieter: refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and extractor hoods are becoming "silent performers".

Besides stainless steel surfaces, increasing use is also being made of alternative materials, like glass. This provides the option of adding colour highlights or harmoniously integrating electrical appliances into the design of a kitchen. Colours, like black, brown or white, are all the rage. With this choice of colours, electrical appliances can be integrated into kitchen design with a sense of harmony. Free standing, coloured refrigerators too are a real eyecatcher in the kitchen. Handle ranges with an individual look make electrical appliances special and help to set them apart.

Operating ease and ergonomics
Large refrigerators with generous storage space and versatile interior organisation take centre stage. Optimum storage for fresh food is still a major aspect electrical appliance manufacturers are focusing on. Chiller drawers kept at different temperatures provide perfectly balanced storage to suit any produce. On top of this, the first crisper compartments are available that switch between cooling and freezing at the press of a button whenever required.
Refrigerators providing easy, convenient and fast access to contents are in demand. Chilling compartments that pull out all the way on Quadro Compact drawer runners from Hettich provide ergonomic access for putting food away and getting it out. "Door-in-door" solutions keep frequently needed items in fast, easy reach.

Multifunctional ovens on the increase
At exhibitions these days it's getting increasingly difficult to find a classic oven that only comes with a baking function because more and more multifunctional ovens are being developed and presented. Ovens that are not only capable of baking and steam cooking but also work as a microwave are on the advance. Hettich's Quadro oven runner guarantees ergonomic access to whatever is being cooked inside by moving it out in front of the oven.

More and more focus on dishwashers
Dishwashers are a big issue at trade fairs. Besides short running times and energy saving appliances, manufacturers are focusing on good, versatile interior organisation. For instance, there are racks for wine glasses that can be placed in the dishwasher if the user wants to. Soft rubber covers are fitted to hold them securely in position. An increasing focus is also being placed on baskets that are easy to pull out.